TRONBITCOIN TBTC is listed in January 2019 Numex


We offer our members the opportunity to have all the tokens of our collection (TBTC, TBCH, TBTG, TLTC, DTC, SAT, TXRP, TEOS, TETH)
You must participate a minimum of 10 TBTCB
10 TBTG = 1 TBTC + 1 TBCH + 1 TBTG + 1 TLTC + 1 DTC +1000 SAT + 1 TXRP + 1 TEOS + 1 TETH)
You receive directly within 24 hours the tokens on your wallet on which you participate on tronscan.

Opening of our marketplace TRONBITCOIN


Notice @GoSeeditBot @XRPBot @dogecoin_tipbot exchange TRONBITCOINDEX

Collect tokens in a p2p manner using the Seedit tipping bot.

This is the place where you can get new tokens and expand your collection.

If you are new, we advise you to familiarize yourself with @GoSeeditBot.

It is an official tipping bot that we use here.

Watch first before you participate.

How does it work?
It’s really easy, all you have to do is place your offer:

#sell 10 TRONBITCOIN for 10000 TRX or
#buy 10 TRONBITCOIN for 10000 TRX

If someone wants to trade this, they just reply to it with the following command:


Both parties will get access to a button to accept or cancel the trade. If both parties accept a trade the bot will automatically create the transactions. Done.

Can I sell/buy multiple offers?
Seeditbot supports unlimited lines, but we will apply our guideline of max 4 offers per post.

#sell 1 TRONBITCOIN for 1000 TRX
#sell 10 TROINBITCOIN for 10000 TRX
#sell 100 TRONBITCOIN for 100000 TRX
#sell 1000 TRONBITCOIN for 1000000 TRX

If you want to trade one of these tokens just add the line number next to the command. So if you want to buy 1 TRONBITCOIN for 1000 TRX you reply to that message with:

/trade 2

Is there an automatic sell/buy option?
Yes. If you want to sell the same offer over and over again you can use #autosell/#autobuy.

#autobuy 1 TRONBITCOIN for 1000 TRX

If you (another collector) want to accept this offer,just reply to the message with /trade and it automatically creates the transfer after you hit “accept”. And yes you can have multiple autobuy/autosell lines!

‼️ Make sure to delete your message if you do not want to autosell/autoboy anymore!


Command reference bot RIPPLE @XRPBot :

contact bot @XRPBot

/start – Start bot (mandatory in groups)
/send – Send XRP directly to a user
 /tip@XRPBot + (number xrp) @name – Tip a user in XRP (just in groups)
/deposit – Show deposit address
/balance – Show current balance
/withdraw – move your current balance to your personal wallet



the buyer must reply to the message: /tip@XRPBot  +4000  @NAME
The seller then answers: /tip 1 tronbitcoin

===DOGE TipBot Full Guide===
Command List:
[In Groups]
1. Tip user X DOGE :
;tip @user [amount]

2. Tip a Random User in ActiveList X DOGE :
;lucky [amount]

3. Tip All User in ActiveList [amount/userNum] DOGE :
;rain [amount]

4. View Number of Active User :

5. Donate DOGE to Author :
;donate [amount]

Special [Amount] for these 4 Commands:
1. rand: (tip / lucky: 1 – 6), (rain: 20 – 80)
2. bigrand: (tip / lucky: 1 – 42), (rain: 20 – 150)
3. half: Half amount of your balance
4. all: All of your balance

[In PM @dogecoin_tipbot]
1. View DOGE Balance :
;bal / ;balance

2. Withdraw DOGE :
;withdraw [address] [amount]

3. Get a deposit address to deposit DOGE :

4. Donate DOGE to Author :
;donate [amount]

5. View the terms:

**[ ] is not needed for Commands.
1. Chat with members to be active for 10Mins( Cmds/Vid/Gif not included )
2. You can only get the lucky/rain when you are in active.
3. All the DOGE are REAL DOGE
4. Contact Admin in the Group, if you have any issue
You are using this service at your own risk.
Do NOT hold large amount of coin in this bot.
This bot is not owned by the DOGE Team.
This bot is not a financial service and ;withdraw coins as soon as you can.
In no event shall this bot or its dev be responsible for any loss, theft or misdirection of funds.

Can I post links?
External links are not allowed since we care about the security of our users. The only links that are allowed are @tronBank and @tronReviews links to inform our users.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for what you do here and we are not a financial service.

Everything here is done voluntarily. We only provide a room to talk.

This group is only for collecting tokens!