We are a team of several members and from day to day we grow up.

More than +900 members are involved in the community

Tronbitcoin Foundation promotes a valuable selection of unique tokens on the Tron platform.

Each token will be used of our collection in a ecosystem with an application for each member.

Several awards will be offered to creative and development for each member who will help TO create an ecosystem for Tronbitcoin Foundation once we are elected SR.

and much more to discover!

 https://tronscan.org/#/votes and  to select TRONBITCOIN

Tron’s development tools that include TronLink, Tron Remix, TronWeb, TronTruffle are pre-requisites for developers who would like to develop an entire distributed application for TRONBITCOIN.

Also, along these development tools, Tron VM will also provide developers with 20 different game templates to enable developers to create more sizeable games, refereeing to the templates while creating their dApps for tokens TRONBITCOIN.iO